Monday, January 30, 2012

Submit an Article^^

I have done a couple of blogs for my university students, but never for the Daejeonaccess website. Not sure how this will turn out. Just hoping to see some involvement with exchanging information, pictures, and helping out those looking for specific information.

Join this blog. Let me know if you'd like to be regular to semi-regular poster on this blog. I'll make you an author and the sky is the limit, just let me know.

I have been in Daejeon for over 9 how time has flown by! Daejeon has grown significantly in the time I have been here. When I first arrived, there weren't any websites, forums, or blogs to get information from.

We ( Richard and I ) published our first issue of Daejeon Access magazine in January of 2008. Earl Noble came onboard for the June 2008 issue.
We are slowly chugging along with this labor of love. We don't make any money (maybe someday).

Our main goal is to provide the residents with articles about Daejeon, lifestyle choices, and always FOOD! For some, eating Korean food isn't an issue.  We like to provide information on new ethnic food. Eating food from one's homeland provides comfort while in an environment foreign to many of us.

If you have come across a cool coffee shop, western import store, new restaurant, or information that would be helpful in any capacity; post it here after sending me an email about becoming a contributor.

Rock on Daejeon!

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  1. Hey Todd! Wouldn't mind contributing a few things. Know some rockin' good cafe's and maybe have a few more restuarants to add although you've hit the primary group of them.

    To see samples of writing style, etc. you can check out our blog:

    Email me at melissa.renae.2911 at gmail if you want a couple guest posts or sharing of some info...