Monday, December 10, 2012

Tonkatsu with Egg on a bowl of Rice, Japanese Style

I love domburi, katsudon in particular, so I am pretty stoked that this chain store opened up in Daejeon. Tokyo Domburi house in Dunsan dong, a half a block from City Hall station delivers domburi up at a reasonable price.

Domburi is simply a bowl of rice with a topping. Katsudon is a breaded and fried pork cutlet, cooked with egg and a shoyu flavored broth, layered over the top of the rice along with some sauteed onions. The peas are a nice garnish. 7500 won is the price for this bowl and it does remind me of Japan when I ate this stuff all the time. Comes with a side of miso shiro and mugi-cha, the barley tea that is also enjoyed here in Korea.

There is a self-service bar for you to get the shredded cabbage and a selection of four dressings. I always eschew the other choices here.

There are also some noodles available at the bar. Add some nori, a tad of kimchi for heat, and add the broth from a heated dispenser.

The system is typical Japanese semi-service. When you enter, you are shown a table and given a menu. When you have decided what you want, you proceed to the order machine near the entrance. The touch screen has all the table numbers. Select your table and a menu pops up. There are scrolling buttons and category tabs to make finding the desired item easier. When you have selected all your items, press the "order" button and the total comes up. Insert bills into the machine and your change and a receipt gets spat out by the machine. They will bring you your food when it's ready.

This is the katsudon set for 11,900. Kariage chicken, just a bite, a fried shrimp with both dressed in a tartar sauce-like dealie, a couple of slivers of eel over some cabbage with a sprinkling of pickled ginger. Two slivers of salmon sashimi in yuzu round out the set.

Outside the restaurant is the models of what is served inside with a price tag below each item.

These are the pans that they cook the egg/tonkatsu/onion combo.

Someone using the order machine.

Tokyo Domburi House behind City Hall station. Take exit #7 and walk about fifty feet, can't miss it

Price: $$ Gyudon is the lowest priced item at 7000 won. Sets can be as high as 11,900. Eel and sashimi is higher.

Sound level: You can talk comfortably; there is no blaring music or excess kitchen noise.

Ambience: Nice chain store decor, everything here is rather prosaic.

Kid Friendly: no high chairs in sight

No smoking

Prompt service.

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