Sunday, September 21, 2014

151 Bar: Gungdong's Little Steak and Break

151 Bar in Gungdong is all about five things to eat and a lot of drinks. Skip the other four, go straight for the steak. Nice med-rare with some sauteed veggies and king oyster mushrooms. They've been open for a few months and have a nice, low-key atmosphere. Bit of fire for eye candy when they cook.

Quotes from previous guests:

"I had a steak there after midnight, I think."

"Pleasant atmosphere. Like a fancy place. "

"...empty except for me. The place has been empty both times I've been here."

"Good steak."

"The steak was delicious."

"Bacardi Silver in a rum and coke that was only 6000 won."

You know how it is in Daejeon--a little place opens up, does everything nice, but for some reason they just don't get the traffic to stay open. If you're in Gungdong, and crave some solid eats a bit later in the evening and don't want the hassle of galbi or samgyapsal, please direct your trotters this place.

I love bars that serve food over restaurants that serve drinks.

Maybe you do, too.

Tell them Daejeon Access sent you.

The full menu.

Mmmmm tasty.

151 Bar

Steaks and drinks

Not kid friendly

Credit cards accepted


Down the street from Santa's, across from Sun Mart, in Gungdong.

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