Sunday, September 30, 2012

Meet Me At Bongs- "Coffee, Brunch, BBQ"

 I was informed of a "All day breakfast" restaurant in Yuseong by owner Brian Kim of House Grill.

I arrived at the restaurant "Meet Me At Bongs" on a Saturday morning with my wife. My  impression of the outside gave me the feeling of quality. Observing sleek granite floors and modern furniture on my entry fortified my initial feeling of potential "Breakfast madness".

Outside seating

Upon looking at the menu, I realized, this was no ordinary all day breakfast joint.
They offered Lasagna, barbecued chicken and more; my mouth was salivating.

My wife had the ricotta cheese salad, (homemade blueberry bread)  and I a well executed and incredibly delicious omelet.

Here's a look on what's inside

Here's what they have on their menu...looks good!

What they offer on the Grill!


Hours of Operation

Directions: will get a map up soon...

Contact: Sam (Ko-Un) She speaks English and can give you or you taxi driver directions.

Phone: 042-824-1092


  1. hi, were going to try this place soon, just to let you know the phone number you typed at the bottom is a digit out, the 4 and 2 need swapping.

    Thanks for all your food tips, really enjoy the blog