Wednesday, February 15, 2012

E-Mart Traders in Wolpyoung dong

7-10-13 Update

If you haven't checked out E-Mart Traders in Wolpyoung dong, you should. You can get Western imports without having to purchase a membership(like Costco). If you like to make your breakfast burrito or Mexican food at home you can get tortillas here!

Looking for some deodorant?


It's Warm and they have some reasonably priced grills!

52,000 Won

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  1. You can get that brand of tortillas at Homeplus, Lotte Super, or E-Mart. Personally, I like them as opposed to the Costco brand because the Costco ones never go bad while these, in the unfrozen state go bad quickly.

    I am cautious about food that never goes bad.