Monday, February 8, 2016

My Korea Delivery: A new English food ordering app for foreigners in Korea

Shameless self-promotion here: Me and my buddies Dan Kopperud and Jim Chang have developed an app together. After working on it for over 2 years, we are going to launch our beta version in select areas in and around the Dunsan region. But we need your help: We need the users numbers to prove to restaurants that there is enough demand from foreigners to warrant a service like this. So, without further adieu, here is the call for beta testers:
Hello! We are looking for people who want to test out our new English food ordering app for mobile devices: My Korea Delivery. This app shows you local delivery and takeout restaurants, and their menus, all in English. You can easily submit your order with a few clicks. Then, just pay the delivery driver like you normally do. Check out the screen shots below! If you live in the following areas in Daejeon, we need you to help us test the new service for free: Dunsan-dong, Galma-dong, Wolpyeong-dong, Tanbang-dong, and Mannyeon-dong. Please message me if you are interested, and share this posting with your friends. If you know someone who may be interested, please direct them to me, thanks!


Facebook: Michael Rain Moses
Kakaotalk: allmountainmike

Sunday, September 21, 2014

151 Bar: Gungdong's Little Steak and Break

151 Bar in Gungdong is all about five things to eat and a lot of drinks. Skip the other four, go straight for the steak. Nice med-rare with some sauteed veggies and king oyster mushrooms. They've been open for a few months and have a nice, low-key atmosphere. Bit of fire for eye candy when they cook.

Quotes from previous guests:

"I had a steak there after midnight, I think."

"Pleasant atmosphere. Like a fancy place. "

"...empty except for me. The place has been empty both times I've been here."

"Good steak."

"The steak was delicious."

"Bacardi Silver in a rum and coke that was only 6000 won."

You know how it is in Daejeon--a little place opens up, does everything nice, but for some reason they just don't get the traffic to stay open. If you're in Gungdong, and crave some solid eats a bit later in the evening and don't want the hassle of galbi or samgyapsal, please direct your trotters this place.

I love bars that serve food over restaurants that serve drinks.

Maybe you do, too.

Tell them Daejeon Access sent you.

The full menu.

Mmmmm tasty.

151 Bar

Steaks and drinks

Not kid friendly

Credit cards accepted


Down the street from Santa's, across from Sun Mart, in Gungdong.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Quan An Vietnam by Benny Palma

This review comes from longtime great guy Benny "The Jet" Palma. He loves Vietnamese food and was going on and on about how great this place delivers a Vietnamese vibe. I asked him to write this review so he would just STFU about the place. I dropped by with Stella from Centreville and it turns out, Benny was right. This place is on, like Donkey Kong in Saigon.

                When living in Daejeon, finding essential restaurants is going to make or break the experience. I have been on the hunt for high quality places to eat that would compare to what I could find in America. I have a passion for Vietnamese cuisine with Pho being at the top of the list. It is a staple dish from Vietnam and is prepared differently based on what part of the country you live. It is a beef broth soup, noodles and an assortment of vegetables. Fairly simple in its preparation but that method makes all the difference.

Quan An Vietnam has pioneered that taste into an affordable dish that costs nearly half the price of other Vietnamese restaurants. The menu hosts a variety of dishes all from the most common that you will find in Vietnam. The spring and summer rolls are good but must be prepared individually by the customer which is a little annoying if you are not familiar with the process.

Bun, a.k.a. rice noodle salad, is another classic Vietnamese dish. It's an amazing salad of thin rice noodles, lettuce, carrot slivers, mint, crushed peanuts, bean sprouts, and fish sauce, topped with grilled pork.The dried noodles are definitely worth a try and are lighter than the pho dishes which may be considered heavier than the other dishes.

The restaurant isn't big on atmosphere. They have just moved to a larger location so it looks nice but the clientele is largely Vietnamese. They are quite nice but do smoke and gamble in the restaurant. If you can overlook that then you should throng for the quality of the food and the excellent prices. A large bowl of steaming pho noodles and veggies swimming in delicious broth and topped with beef is only 6,000 won. Considering that the average bowl of pho costs 10,000 and above in other restaurants it’s quite a steal. Add a plate of Vietnamese spring rolls (fried or fresh) for the perfect meal.

  • Delicious Vietnamese Pho noodle soup.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Authentic Vietnamese style.
  • Smoking IS allowed in the restaurant. (I think this is a PLUS!-- Earl)
  • Food preparation is sometimes slow.
  • Waiters are friendly, but often can't speak much English.


  • Address – Quan An Vietnam, Across from Daejeon Station, 7-11 Building 3rd Floor
  • Phone – 042-226-4202
  • Subway – Daejeon Station Exit 7. Left hand side outside the exit.
  • Hours - 10 a.m. to around 10pm
  • Cash and Card Accepted

Friday, March 15, 2013

Delivered Food: Pizza Nara Chicken Gongju; Great Price, and the Pizza is Decent

A nice new player on the delivery scene, Pizza Nara Chicken Gongju has a tasty product with an affordable price. Who doesn't like fried chicken and pizza delivered to their door? The first time I had this, it was my buddy Hoom (of Told a Story fame) who ordered. Pizza Nara Chicken Gongju?!? What a ridiculous name. I thought.

What arrived was a decent pizza with real pepperoni and a good-sized box of chicken. The photos below reveal the contents of a 18,900 won delivery (cola was 1000 won) that arrived in thirty minutes. The crust on the pizza wasn't that faux California-style crust, but rather closer to a bready crust. It lacked sauce, have some on hand for dipping.

This location was in the Eoeundong/Gungdong area but I assume there are some others around town. Call them for your next party.

Great stuff.

Pizza Nara Chicken Gongju

(042) 823.9297/9298

Price: $$ ($~$$$$$)

Recommended: Pizza and Chicken

Not recommended: Sweet Potato Pizza, but that comes as no surprise here.

Ambience: Delivery guy wore a mask.

Sound level: The guy muttered through his mask, so sound level was low.

Music: Played my own during the entire exchange.

Dress: Pajamas preferred

Visa/Mastercard, debit cards accepted.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Movie Listings In English (Nationwide)

Yes, I've navigated the Korean CGV site trying to figure out what shows were playing and their times. Not the easiest task until I came across this movie listings site. There was one about 5 years ago, but vanished. Good to see someone else got on the job^^

Here's a link on the new Daejeon Access site, I'm slowly remodeling.

Movie Listings 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dr. Yoon in Noeun-dong

Dr. Marshall Yun (Yoon) comes highly recommended by Daejeon Access and other long standing members of the expatriate community in Daejeon.

Dr.Yun was born in Korea. He was raised for half of his life in Indiana, in the United States.
He is fluent in both English and Korean.


His bedside manner is one of professionalism gently mixed with a genuine sense of warmth and understanding. It is what you should expect from a top quality family doctor.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask him about the medicine or treatment he's prescribing you.
He will elaborate on any question you may have.

( Directions in the image above or give his office a call)

********Call first, his day off may have changed^^ (This is an old card)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Foreign Food Mart!

It has taken me a bit to get down to the new "Foreign Foot Mart" near Daejeon station. After eating an interesting meal at a new local Mongolian restaurant with a friend in Eunheung dong; Earl and I proceeded to search out this new foreigner mart. As we approached, I realized this was only a few store fronts before the "World Food Store" - another western import retailer.

Deodorant and smelly sprays in a small variety of fragrances.

I was pleasantly surprised to find goat meat. Never tried it, but I may in the future^^.


It is located just a few store fronts before "World Food" (on your left coming from Old Downtown) towards Daejeon train station.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Nuovo Napoli: The BEST Pizza in Daejeon

This pizza joint is absolutely the best pizza you can get in Daejeon. I know I've mentioned some negatives about this place in the past but I hope they don't read this blog so they won't ban me. It's the only place in Daejeon that I can get my pizza fix. Really the best pizza this town has to offer. Not as good as d'Buzza in Seoul--and d'Buzza is a much better product--but the pizza at Nuovo Napoli is in the same ballpark. No one else in Daejeon offers a product this good. The next nearest pizza this good is Pizzaiolio in the Joongmun area of Cheongju and their pizza is just shy of this quality. Eat Me in Dunsan isn't even close to the pizza quality in Pizzaiolio, which makes them a distant follower to Nuovo Napoli. Distant, really distant. Like Daejeon to Singapore distant.

If you want pizza in Daejeon this really is the only place with a high-quality product.

A wood-fired brick oven. There are other places that have a wood-fired oven but they fail to get the results that Nuovo Napoli does. This is where it starts. Manage your oven well and the other things will fall into place if you are diligent.

Note the nice char on the crust of this Napolitana pizza. This is only possible when your oven is upwards of 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Capers, anchovies, and black olives. A simple classic that should be in every Italian style pizza restaurant. 15,200 won and worth it.

The sauce is simple, slightly acidic tomatoes, crushed with no noticeable pollutants. I love the simple things. If you look at the menu, they offer a margarita pizza with fresh mozzarella for 4000 thousand more won. A nice thing for purists. The San Marzano tomatoes are also a purist attraction (see what I did there?)

A negative: I ordered a Napolitano pizza and the server brought me the Italiano pizza. When I said this wasn't the Napolitana, the server said "Yes it is." Beata, one of the people running the place noticed the error and said it would be five minutes to knock out the correct pizza.

A positive: Beata said "While it's here, would you like to try a slice?" Sure, I can manage.

(So glad I discovered the "Food" setting on my toy Nikon. The macro focus feature is nice.)

Nasty glass of house wine. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Negative: nasty glass of wine. Either that or it was corked. Staff noticed I didn't drink it. When asked how everything was I said "nasty glass of wine". Didn't stop me from paying for it. Do not order wine unless you're buying a bottle.

There are some pasta items on the menu so you can drag your heretical friends who do not like pizza (yes, there are people like that. I don't know any because I have excommunicated them all.) They (the pasta, not the excommunicated friends) are arranged on the menu by sauce, Korean style. There's a calzone on the menu that I haven't tried but I have only been here five or six times. Now that I have moved back to Daejeon, I'm sure I'll be there more often.

Nuovo Napoli


Gungdong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon
Between Nonghyup Credit Union and Santa Claus on the street that divides Gungdong and Eoeundong. Across from the small police station.

Open Tues-Sunday 11:30 a.m.~10:00 p.m.

Alcohol: bottle wine, limited booze, house wine if your palate was reamed by hydrochloric acid.

Price: $$$ ($~$$$$$)

Sound level: good for conversation but if it's full, the level increases dramatically.

Music: Non-offensive, light jazz. They seem to like Harry Connick.

Casual Dress

Kid friendly: two high chairs, so I guess they're ready for them.

Reservations: Yes, and recommended for peak hours or large parties.
Take out: They have spiffy boxes.

Visa/Mastercard accepted.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Best Pizza in Korea: d'Buzza in Hannam dong, Seoul

Caprese salad with a simple cheese-stuffed bread

The best pizzas in the country that Daejeon Access has found. If there is a better pizza in Korea, please tell us where to find it.

d'Buzza in Hannam-dong Seoul opened up almost two years ago and the place has knocked out pizzas non-stop. There has been a wait almost every day and the wait is long. LOOOOOONNNGGG! So long they had to open up a second location a mere five-minute walk away. Thank the Pizza Gods that they made a bigger restaurant as the original seats 24 people. 

If you are a pizza otaku, this place is your mecca. They have a lot of places in Seoul where people rave about the pizza. Let me give you the Seoul pizza breakdown.

Beer O'Clock: BLOWS
Hollywood: crunchy thicker style dough and inconsistent
Pizza Peel: So much promise and such a mediocre product. Pizza Gods should come down and beat them up. My friend Lauren McPhate once tasted my pizza and she said "This is better than Pizza Peel."

To continue would just bore the both of us. d'Buzza puts out a great product at a consistent level. Please trust Daejeon Access to not lie (okay, Todd and I argue about Taco K; he says "great" and I say "It tastes like he learned to make Mexican food in Illinois"). 

d'Buzza features traditional Italian-style pizzas baked in a freakingly hot wood-fired oven. Notice the fine char blisters on the margarita pizza above. They never skimp on ingredients and use only fresh mozzarella. The sauce is simple, just an accent to the base and the ingredients. There is a particular concept to how they have designed their pizzas and if you don't get it, you need to go to a pizza tasting hagwon. 

Served with your pizza is a plate with parmigianno reggiano, genovese pesto, and red pepper flakes as condiments. Bare tables, paper napkinsm four extra tables tucked around the corner by the walk-in fridge, this place has no pretensions about being a upscale place. The only thing they do upscale is pizza.

The closest to this pizza is Nuova Napoli and it is just close with their shredded mozzarella and poor table maintenance.

N.B. I love the Nuovo Napoli pizza. Very good product. I have been there more than once and now that I have moved back to Daejeon, I expect to eat there more often. But it's expensive, especially for what you get. Nuovo Napoli's prices are right around d'Buzza and they produce an inferior product. As for keeping the place tidy, the last time I was there, I ordered as a 6-top broke, the table just trashed with napkins, plates, glasses, and all sorts of debris. My pizza came, I ate, I got up to pay, and only then did the staff come out to clean the table. Wasn't busy, unless you count whatever was on their phones.

Monster Calzone

d'Buzza Pizza

Between Itaewon station and Hangangjin station, right behind the Audi dealership. Can't miss it.

Price: $$$ (out of $$$$$)

English spoken

Recommended: Pizza, any pizza.

Smoking: Like a church

Alcohol: limited wine and cocktails

Reservations: booked for the next two months, even with the new one open. Be prepared to wait whenever you go.

Sound level: You can speak comfortably. No on is screaming like in some other places.

Kid friendly: Didn't see any kids and didn't see any high chairs. The staff is nice so I am sure they would accommodate you.

Primavera Pizza

Lasagne, good but not great, at just under 19,000. 
Felt the same way after I had the Vato's burrito. (Great tacos, mediocre burrito.)

The cute to-go box.

Fried bananas for dessert.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Tonkatsu with Egg on a bowl of Rice, Japanese Style

I love domburi, katsudon in particular, so I am pretty stoked that this chain store opened up in Daejeon. Tokyo Domburi house in Dunsan dong, a half a block from City Hall station delivers domburi up at a reasonable price.

Domburi is simply a bowl of rice with a topping. Katsudon is a breaded and fried pork cutlet, cooked with egg and a shoyu flavored broth, layered over the top of the rice along with some sauteed onions. The peas are a nice garnish. 7500 won is the price for this bowl and it does remind me of Japan when I ate this stuff all the time. Comes with a side of miso shiro and mugi-cha, the barley tea that is also enjoyed here in Korea.

There is a self-service bar for you to get the shredded cabbage and a selection of four dressings. I always eschew the other choices here.

There are also some noodles available at the bar. Add some nori, a tad of kimchi for heat, and add the broth from a heated dispenser.

The system is typical Japanese semi-service. When you enter, you are shown a table and given a menu. When you have decided what you want, you proceed to the order machine near the entrance. The touch screen has all the table numbers. Select your table and a menu pops up. There are scrolling buttons and category tabs to make finding the desired item easier. When you have selected all your items, press the "order" button and the total comes up. Insert bills into the machine and your change and a receipt gets spat out by the machine. They will bring you your food when it's ready.

This is the katsudon set for 11,900. Kariage chicken, just a bite, a fried shrimp with both dressed in a tartar sauce-like dealie, a couple of slivers of eel over some cabbage with a sprinkling of pickled ginger. Two slivers of salmon sashimi in yuzu round out the set.

Outside the restaurant is the models of what is served inside with a price tag below each item.

These are the pans that they cook the egg/tonkatsu/onion combo.

Someone using the order machine.

Tokyo Domburi House behind City Hall station. Take exit #7 and walk about fifty feet, can't miss it

Price: $$ Gyudon is the lowest priced item at 7000 won. Sets can be as high as 11,900. Eel and sashimi is higher.

Sound level: You can talk comfortably; there is no blaring music or excess kitchen noise.

Ambience: Nice chain store decor, everything here is rather prosaic.

Kid Friendly: no high chairs in sight

No smoking

Prompt service.