Saturday, February 18, 2012

Solpine International Restaurant

I happened to visit the Woosong West campus on Friday for a meeting. After the meeting, I ventured over to Solpine. I had been here years before and curious as to what they had changed since my last visit. I was very surprised at the menu!


대전시 자양동 226-2 우송타워 13 FL

13th Floor of the Woosong Tower in the Middle of Woosong Information College.

Jayang-dong 266-2 Dong-gu Daejeon

phone: 042 629-6610 

I don't recall the name of the building, but here is a picture of it. The restaurant is located on the 13th floor. I had the Jamaican Chicken Jerk sandwich. My family tried it and they loved it.
You can check out their website  It has pictures of the food for you to peruse. I did notice the menu pictures I took don 't coincide with the website. A fair assumption the website hasn't been updated in awhile.

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