Sunday, April 15, 2012

Alibaba's Treasure

Alibaba's Treasure is a restaurant of Middle Eastern Cuisine. It has recently changed ownership and acquired a new chef who last worked at the Grand Hyatt (5 star) Hotel in Seoul. It's a nice mix of Northern African and Middle Eastern cuisine at reasonable prices.

** Map and pictures below

They are open Monday - Thursday 6pm - 11pm
                      Friday & Saturday 6pm - 12am
** They are open on select Sundays - Check their facebook page here

My wife and I were pleasantly surprised at the beautiful redecoration and different layout.

Update: March 2013! - New menu items^^

Here's What they offer on the menu^^.

Here are some pictures of the dishes my wife and I had, they were absolutely delicious!

African Brik

Chicken Tikka Masala


Lamb Steak

Traditional Mint Tea (This is so Good!)

 Here are some pictures to help you find Alibaba's Treasure^^

Here's a map

And another map