Monday, April 30, 2012

Told A Story--Best Coffee in Korea, no hyperbole

Told A Story may just be the best purveyor of coffee in Korea. Yes, the best in the entire nation. The shop, located just a hop skip from Gungdong Nonghyup in Eoeundong features many of the world's current cup winners, freshly roasted, in ground or whole bean form.

The adjacent coffee shop offers the standard espresso coffees but you come here for the hand drip. There are coffee nuts out there who like to say "I've had some great coffee" but here at Told A Story it really seems like you are drinking another liquid.

Gunpyo checking his current roast.

The 2012 Cup winner is Kenya AA Nyala; if you haven't had it, you should go there for a cup. Friends of mine that live in Seoul have started buying it for their office. They love the fact that they get it one or two days after they order and it is roasted on the day they ordered it. I had some Honduran Jorge Mendoza. It comes from a farm owned by a guy named Jorge Mendoza. This bean was the cup wonner in Honduras and came in at a respectable #27.

Told A Story is located in Eoeundong. If you walk towards KAIST from the Gungdong Nonghyup, take the first right and it is on the second block on the left. Tell them Earl and Daejeon Access sent you.

by Earl Noble

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