Thursday, May 10, 2012

2012 Angels Ride For Charity

    • Saturday, June 2, 2012
    • 12:00pm until 8:00pm

  • Seodaejeon Park (서대전공원)

  • That's right, we're doing it again! It's time for the FOURTH ANNUAL ANGELS RIDE FOR CHARITY!!!!!

    For the past 3 years, DAEJEON RIDERS and DAEJEON ACCESS have organized this charity event to raise money for local children's centers. It's grown every year and we hope to make this year the best yet!

    So we got a big one planned for everyone, with all your favorites: LIVE MUSIC - AWESOME FOOD - HOT PRIZES and of course the BIG RIDE... all for a good cause. Come enjoy a perfect Saturday outdoors with family and friends.

    The MUSIC: What's better than LIVE music on an outdoor stage in a beautiful park??

    Bands BUZZARD LUCK, LIKE A FOX, HAJIMAMA, THE BILLY PILGRIM SHOW, JORDAN STEWART, THE DIRTY 30's, Dara O'Siochain, and more will be jamming tunes all afternoon.
    Buzzard Luck
    The Billy Pilgrim Show

     The Dirty 30's

    Dara O'Siochain

    The FOOD: Grilled burgers from HOUSE GRILL. Delicious Mexican from CANTINA. And authentic THAI from KHAOSAN ROAD. What more need I say?
    The Best Burgers In Daejeon!
    Mexican Food!
    Thai Food!

    The PRIZES: We have tons of prizes this year, to all your favorite bars&restaurants in Daejeon and Seoul who have been generous enough to sponsor this event. W Bistro, The Mill, Santa Claus, Yellow Taxi, Brickhouse, Pinoy Mart, Maloney's Pub, Concorde Wine Bar, Casablanca,  Berlin, Okitchen, and more.

    The RIDE: Got wheels? Join the Daejeon Riders on one of their favorite tours. Cruise south of town through Korea's beautiful countryside, climb some wickedly windy mountain roads, take some amazing pictures overlooking a magnificent blue lake, burn rubber with friends new and old, and afterward ride up to the stage amidst a cheering crowd.

    What more need I say??

    WHERE: Seodaejeon Park, at the big stage in the southwest corner. See map below. There's a giant field for sports and games, there are nice groves of trees for shade, lots of room for you and all your friends. (and there are bathroom facilities.)
    Click here for the map 

    Here's the Seo Daejeon Stage! It's Beautiful!

    When you arrive, sign up for the first annual Charity Football Tournament (American football).

    Registration starts at 2, games start at 3. Any and all are welcome to participate (though an understanding of the game would be beneficial). You'll need a team of 5, a clever team name, and ₩5000 per person (I think that's roughly ₩25000 per team). All the money raised will go to local children's centers which the Angels Ride for Charity event supports. Winners of the bracket style tourney will get bragging rights for the Greater Daejeon area and some super-secret, totally radical prize.

    Basic rules: 2 hand touch, first team to 5 touchdowns wins, 4 downs with 1 first down marker at midfield, no kickoffs, teams start possession at the 10 yard line, and 10 apple rush. Everything else is based on standard NFL rules. The exception being: steroids and all other PEDs are allowed.


    By Subway: Seodaejeon Negeori Station (서대전네거리역) Exit 2

    By Taxi: Seo-dae-jeon Ne-geo-ri Yeok (서대전네거리역) (closest to Exit 2)

    By Bus: the 101, 103, 119, 201, 202, 311, 314, 315, 612, 613, 614, 618, 701

    Facebook Event Page Here

    This Charity Ride would not be able to take place without our local sponsors. A big special THANK YOU to:
    TACO K

    Looking for artists who would be willing to part with some of their work for a charitable cause.
    As it is an outdoor event, please consider the size and dimensions of the work. The most saleable work will be something that can be easily carried.

    If are interested, please contact me via FB. Thanks.

    Glen Riley

    Please remember we do all this to raise money for local charities. Proceeds from food, games, and prize raffles will go into the pot; in addition, DONATIONS ARE MOST WELCOME!!! It'll be a blast as always, so come have a good time, and give a little back to the place that's given you so much!!! Hope to see you there!!!!!


  1. I love the Okitchen

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  3. Love the place looks. This will be fun. I would love to be there.
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